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Chris Newson
Chris was born in Saxmundham, Suffolk
Chris is known mostly as an oil painter working closely with Maggi Hambling who mentors him and his work. Film making and photography are an extension of his ongoing artistic skills
In 2007 I had the privilege of meeting Maggi Hambling OBE, CBE at the Scallop on Aldeburgh beach Suffolk. After taking many photos and the filming of ‘The Storm’ DVD we became good friends.

I used to paint in 1984-86 but in those days had little interest or need for the arts.

When I moved into my new studio at Samkins Garage I found a canvas and some blue acrylic paint. With Maggi Hambling visiting the studio in Saxmundham that day I decided to paint a picture. So I did and when she came in she asked “Who painted that. Paint another one”. I did. With her help and guidance from the very start I have painted almost every day. It has become my life.

As you can see by my CV below the exhibitions are building nicely. Maggi Hambling has 10 of my pictures in her house in Suffolk and it’s a real thrill to go see her and see my work on the master’s wall. I now have my studio and framing shop at 72 high street Leiston (next to film theater). The gallery is open whenever the shop is. Please feel free to come and look around with no obligation to buy. For a private view please contact me. Thank you.

Chris Newson CV

Christopher Newson

Born: 1961 Saxmundham Suffolk

Studied: Isle College Wisbech 1995-1997 National

Diploma Performing Arts

Welsh College Music and Drama 1997-1998

BA Acting Ipswich Performing Arts School 1999-

2001 2.1 (Hons) BA Performing Arts

2001-2004 Actor (Equity Member)

2006 Created Makespace Film Company Ltd

2007 First employed as Maggi Hambling studio


2007 First exhibition Old Printworks Saxmundham


Newcastle University Galley series of photograph

and ‘Storm’ DVD.

Lynn Strover Gallery postcards and ‘Storm’ Field

River and SeaGallery Great Glemham ‘DVD

Postcards’ and ‘Storm’

Opened Makespace Experiment Gallery

Saxmundham Exhibiting new work and Local artists

2008 Marlborough Fine Art Gallery London ‘The

Storm’ Abbot Hall Kendal ‘The Storm’

Peter Pears Gallery Aldeburgh Suffolk ‘The Storm’

Gilmor Piper Fonnerau Road Ipswich New series of

ten entitled ‘Awakening’

Sept: Wildwood Gallery Bury St Edmunds New

series of 4 entitled ‘Halt’

Sept: Cobbold and Judd Fine Art Orwell Park

School New series of nine entitled ‘Bath time’

Sept: Saxmundham Arts festival ‘Guest Artist’

Saxmundham Market Hall.

Sept: Gilmor Piper Fonnerau Road Ipswich New

series of ten entitled ‘Eight’

Oct: Old Print Works Saxmundham New series of

12 entitled ‘Mushroom season’

Opened Makespace Experiment Galley 1st Opened

by Maggi Hambling.

Oct to November: Saxmundham Arts

festival ‘Guest Artist’ Saxmundham Market Hall.

Dec: Exhibition with Maggi Hambling ’Old Print

works’ Saxmundham.

July: Snape Maltings Art Gallery New series of 5

entitled 'Look'.

July onwards: Secret Garden Gallery Crisps 'Old

Printworks Gallery' Saxmundham.

July to Aug: Art for glass exhibition Orford Old

Church Suffolk New series of 3 entitled 'Shouting at

the horses'.

Aug 09 Re-New 62 a Thorofare Woodbridge Suffolk

Exhibiting and selling.

Peter Pears Gallery Aldeburgh Christmas show.

June 10: Opened Studio in Crisp's Garden

Saxmundham. Resident artist Old Printworks


July 10: work went to Snape Malting's Art Gallery


October 10: Exhibition for Re New. The Barn

Valley Farm House Clopton.

The Touch of Paint

The Touch of Paint sees celebrated artist Maggi

Hambling’s work being shown for the first time in a

Norwich gallery.

Maggi Hambling, Tory Lawrence, Chris Newson,

Alec Cumming.

Exhibition dates: Sat 30th October, 2010 – Sat 27th

November 2010. 11 out of 16 Sales

December 17th-22nd 2010: Peter Pears Gallery

Aldeburgh. Christmas Art fair.

March - June Ipswich Art School Gallery The Class

Of.....Exhibition. 4 out of 4 sales

31st March - 10th April The Peter Pears Gallery

Aldeburgh. 25 Sales

Winter Exhibition 18/21 Norwich

Christmas Show Peter Pears Gallery Aldeburgh

The South Lookout Aldeburgh.

Saturday 31st December 2011 - Sunday 1st January 2012 Exhibition and live portrait painting performance.

The London Art Fair January. 4 out of 5 sales. Caroline Wiseman Fine arts.

April 2012 Opened Chris Newson Art at Thornham Walks Suffolk.

21st April - 20th May 2012
The Alde Valley Spring Festival Great Glenham Suffolk
with Maggi Hambling.

Summer exhibition 18-21 gallery Norwich July - October

Caroline Wiseman 14th - 20th August "The South Lookout " Aldeburgh....New series .....Splatted.

One man show 'Progression' Peter Pears Gallery Aldebrough. Opened by Maggi Hambling. 7th Dec - 12th December.
Aug 13 Opened own gallery studio at 5 Chantry Road Saxmundham.

Exhibition 18/21 Gallery Norwich . One of fifty two 'deck of cards' 21st September - 26th October 2013
Dec 16th-24th Peter Pears Gallery Aldeburgh. One man show

April 25th - 39th 2014 Chris Newson - Hilary Mayo Exhibition. Pond Gallery Snape Maltings

Sept 10th- 16th Sept 15 The Pond Gallery with Stephanie Simpson

July 8-16 2016 solo show Garage Galley Aldeburgh Suffolk

Opened Framing shop and personal gallery 72 High Street Leiston

March 12th -20th 2017 Sink Or Swim..The George Farnham Galley Saxmundham

June 2017 I choose to swim Garage gallery Aldeburgh